John Woodbridge e Progresso: evolution of the Superball Duplo-T

With its original design that takes the form of a double T mirrored, the "Superball Duplo T" is an iconic football, the one of the 1950 World Cup in Brazil, the first organized on the soil carioca, which was him promised at the time. A time when the Amazon rainforest was not yet burning at a record pace, when we dreamed about utopia with Brasilía the futurist who was soon to erect under the features of Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa.

Innovative compared to its predecessors of the pre-war editions, the Tiento, T-shape, Federale 102 and Allen of the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay, 1934 in Italy and 1938 in France, the Duplo T presents a rounder shape and smoother because it no longer closes with a lace leather or cotton. A qualitative leap of importance in the evolution of the game, and a decisive step towards the design of the football as we know it today. The tragic outcome of the tournament we know, the anger, the tears, the national drama ... In the land of positivism, the Ordem e Progresso, the progress will not have been in favor of the local white jerseys but the Uruguayan continental enemy. Maracanazo. Still, this Mundial has been a turning point in the history of football and even modern sport, the one that brought football into the era of global sports, as a show, with mass media communication, and where merchandising has appeared.

brazil 1950 world cup

ballon de football brésil 1950 superball duplo-t john woodbridgeLike the creators of the model in their day, John Woodbridge has evolved his Duplo-T by removing the lace of the first editions of his Brazil 1950 leather football. To discover In Paris at the shop of 8 rue des Canettes. John Woodbridge e Progresso!