Make the most of the Lockdown

The period of global and unprecedented confinement in contemporary history that we are currently living in is difficult for bodies and for minds. Swimming pools, parks, closed sports clubs, prohibited sports facilities, restricted jogging schedules,life is hard for the trapped athlete whose body feels the need to let off steam and morale suffers from the feeling of lack.

In confinement, there is a strong temptation to compensate with food and let go. Weight gain is therefore a significant risk that should not be overlooked. To overcome all this, it is possible to organize and organize in the new daily life imposed by the exit restrictions, once a day or 2 to 3 times according to usual levels of practice, a one hour session gym based on medicine ball and punching bag. "De Arte Gymnastica", it is not for nothing that the weighted ball is used as far back as we can go back in time since Antiquity to maintain physical condition. On the ground or standing, by working the entire abdominal strap, the medicine ball makes it possible to continue to apply numerous muscles of the upper body and to strengthen the sheathing. With the punching bag, you can let off steam by venting frustration and expressing the negative emotions accumulated during the quarantine test. The boxer also continues on this occasion to practice typing and sequences.

Combined with one or two outings of running per week, this program will undoubtedly have been at the exit of the crisis, an excellent opportunity to keep your balance and implement the words of the writer Romain Rolland:

“Who wants to live must adapt to the new conditions of life."

Courage to all!

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