Praise of authenticity, posthumous glory of Elsie Connor

The vintage aesthetic has something fascinating, something fresh, innocent and authentic at the time of the abundance of content, size, retouching and fake. This is why the trend of "retro" has not faltered since its advent at the start of the new millennium. It's summer: honor to life and ladies on the John Woodbridge Post.

This old school black and white snapshot is one of those, unearthed in the web era, which have become famous or even iconic, copied, replicated, used editorialally, duplicated hundreds - if not thousands of times - and who find themselves hosted on servers in the 4 corners of the virtual world that is the Internet. Presented as a photograph of an Irish boxing champion of the 1930s, it shows a pretty young blond woman in a curly hi-hat cut, in boxing gloves and in a somewhat transparent sports outfit which half reveals her chest, raising her arms as a sign of victory in a boxing ring. An image that contemporary feminist movements could happily appropriate to symbolize the modern, free, strong and triumphant woman.

elsie connor

The 2000s allowed her to become celebrity posthumously, and paid the tribute that she undoubtedly deserved for this natural beauty, this freshness and this almost century-old pose that embodies modernity today.