Boxing and cinema: Knockout Reilly

A 1927 drama starring Richard Dix in the role of the hero boxer, Knockout Reilly is the first classic of boxing movies that will become later...


The travel by John W.

Central theme of the woodbridgian philosophy, travel is more than a lifestyle, a quest for beauty and an essential movement towards fulfillment.


Japan, the archipelago where rugby has been played for more than 150 years

Landed from British ships in the port of Yokohama and then implanted by a former Japanese student from Cambridge, rugby has been practiced in...


The Swiss Army Rolltop, an original creation by John Woodbridge

Inspired by the military package bag used by the Swiss Army in the 1960s, this Rolltop mixes leather and canvas for a rendering that suggests...


The basketball ball of pioneers

The eight-panel design of the basketball that has been in common use for more than a century is almost born of the creation of basketball....


The year Georges Carpentier conquered America

On July 2, 1921, the idol of early twentieth-century French boxing Georges Carpentier confronted Jersey City Jack Dempsey in a match dubbed...