He is the idol of Rocky Balboa

Rocky Marciano has marked the history of professional boxing by finishing his undefeated career in 49 fights. In the movie Rocky, Rocky Balboa...


Sugar Ray Robinson, The Greatest

With more than 200 professional fights, 6 world champion titles and 25 years of career, Sugar Ray Robinson is one of the most famous boxers in...


From Antiquity to Hooverball, the origins of medicine ball

Probably invented in ancient Greece and Rome, the medicine ball was later updated by physician Joseph Thompson Boone who created the...


When basketball arrives in Europe with the Sammies in 1917

1917. When the US Army arrives in France following the United States' commitment in the First World War, American soldiers bring with them a...


1930 World Cup : one final, two footballs

The final of the 1930 World Cup was played with two balls by decision of Belgian referee John Langenus, that of Argentine in the first half...


1927, when France beat England for the first time in the Tournoi

The XV of France won his first victory against England on April 2, 1927 in the Tournoi of 5 nations on the score of 3 to 0.