Sport and style: the leather jumping rope

Designed in an old school spirit, the John Woodbridge Makers jumping rope combines sport and style, with wooden handles, a brass clamping ring...


John Woodbridge in AD Magazine

In this article published on the D'AD Magazine website, John Woodbridge's classic old school boxing punching bag is superbly photographed in...


Connoisseurs know!

As the end of year approaches, John Woodbridge has declined his original model of brown punching bag in a cognac version. Like the famous...


Boxing and cinema : The Joe Louis Story (1953)

Only a few years after his boxing exploits, legend Joe Louis was already on the American big screen in one of the very first sports biopics in...


Be Brave

Once again, more than ever... Be brave whatever the situation, keep your spirits up and play sports!


Carlisle Indians, the Native team that revolutionized the game

Composed of Native Americans and with the legendary Jim Thorpe, the Carlisle Indians college American football team imposed their style until...