Be Brave

Once again, more than ever... Be brave whatever the situation, keep your spirits up and play sports!


Carlisle Indians, the Native team that revolutionized the game

Composed of Native Americans and with the legendary Jim Thorpe, the Carlisle Indians college American football team imposed their style until...


Share the essence of Parisian leatherwork

The buckles, carabiners, rivets, rings and buttons of the John Woodbridge leather bags collection JW&S Paris are made of brass and come from...


The old school boxer's guard

In the days of bare-handed boxing, before the appearance of gloves in the twentieth century, boxers kept low guard during fights, with an arm...


Sport, culture et creativity

The return to school in September and the resumption of training is an opportunity to focus on La Montgolfière, more than a unique sports...


The giant stadiums of college American football

In the United States, the largest stadiums in American football, and the largest stadiums in all sports combined, are not those of the NFL but...