Cambridge and Oxford at the roots of Le Havre Athletic Club

Founded in 1872, Le Havre Athletic Club is the oldest of the French sports clubs that gave birth to the first football and rugby clubs in the...


Alfredo Di Stéfano

Considered as one of the greatest players in the history of football, the Real Madrid striker, and Argentine and Spanish selection marked his...


For a getaway, the Weekend Bag by John Woodbridge

To go on a weekend or for a short trip, you don't have to use the suitcase. The John Woodbridge Weekend Leather Bag can hold everything you...


The old school experience

Early twentieth century footballs, rugby and basketballs, boxing gloves, punch bags and pioneer-inspired sports accessories, leather bags,...


Industrial Boxing

Industrial Boxing, a production by Max Freyss Production starring Savate French Boxing World Champion Juliette Wolff and the John Woodbridge...


Travels and meetings

The Japanese artist known for being the author of the independent manga Ryuko chose a John Woodbridge Makers briefcase to carry his drawings.