The John Woodbridge "Savoir-Faire"

Football balls craftmanship workshop in 1930

“ The idea of reissuing sport balls from the beginning of the last century appeared after the meeting in a pub in London with the grandson of John Woodbridge, an English sports goods manufacturer who lived his moment of glory in the 1930s, before disappearing in the late 1950s. ”

John Woodbridge Makers

Retro sports goods

John Woodbridge & Sons Makers is French brand with an English name founded by a collector pasionnate about old sports objects and travels. Inspired by the "Woodbridge" manufacturing methods and know-how, in collaboration with John Woodbridge Junior, JW&S launches in 2004 its first reissues of handmade vintage styled sports balls, football and rugby first, in the respect of traditional techniques and with carefully selected leathers, then extends the line to other sports such as boxing, basketball or baseball. Since then, JW&S continues to develop new models, by hunting authentic old pieces, in the artisanal style of the early twentieth century workshops, to reproduce the equipment used by the pioneers of modern sports era.

Parisian leather crafts

From this love for old school objects, from this desire to revive the golden age of sports and to value the know-how, was born a line of masculine bags with an irreproachable look and high quality. John Woodbridge satchels, briefcases and messengers are made in Paris, in one of the last traditional leather goods workshops of the French capital. Their thick leather is tanned vegetally, without adding chemicals during the preparation of the leather. It will take a beautiful patina over the years, pledge of strength! JW&S is the taste of beautiful stories and well done things.