Share the essence of Parisian leatherwork

In the field of leather goods, metal parts play an essential dual role, both functional and aesthetic. The buckles allow the pieces of leather to be linked together, to close or carry a bag as well as to embellish it and give it a particular style or personality. For our bags from the collection signed JW&S Paris, whether they are our satchels, messengers or briefcases, we have chosen excellence in quality and know-how.

Prestige and quality

With the products of one of the oldest factories in Paris still in activity, specializing among other things in the past in harnessing equipment, and whose archives date back to the first half of the 1800s, we favor quality and expertise. transmitted from generation to generation of manufacturers who have adapted to the times to participate in the global development of French luxury leather goods more recently. True goldsmiths of the buckles, these craftsmen work on machines, some of which are more than a century old, and we are proud to share such a supplier with some of the most prestigious Parisian fashion houses such as Hermès, Givenchy or Lanvin.


The buckles, snap hooks, rivets, rings and buttons that we select from a large collection of models from the world of saddlery and military equipment then adapted to leather goods in the twentieth century are made of brass. Indeed, this golden-colored alloy composed mainly of copper and zinc offers good polishing capacity and allows the inventiveness of designers to express itself while being resistant and obtaining a patina in contact with air.

leatherwork brass buckles

Highlighting quality is essential for us at JW&S. Through this choice, and through our collections of bags and small leather goods, we wish to share the taste for excellence and high standards, a little of the essence of the life of Parisian leather goods.