Loyal players: Melvin Ott, 511 home runs for the Giants

Born on March 2 in the suburbs of New Orleans, Melvin Ott played more than 20 seasons for the New York Giants between 1926 and 1947, making him one of the most loyal players in Major League Baseball history. The hero of the franchise that moved west in the 1950s and has since become the San Francisco Giants, his number 4 was retired in 1949 shortly after his retirement.

Mel Ott was the first National League batsman to hit 500 home runs in his career to his credit. He will achieve a total of 511, when legend Babe Ruth of the Yankees reached a total of 714 in the American League in 1935 and the MLB record still held today by Barry Bonds despite the controversy is 762. Another feat in battle, he was the leader in the number of home runs in the National League regular season 6 times, and 18 consecutive seasons topping the statistics in this field with the Giants, which constitutes an unmatched record.

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Gaucher, the Louisiana native who was originally wide receiver had an unorthodox hitting style, lifting his foot before impact. A technique taken up after the war by the Japanese Sadaharu Oh, holder of the world record for career home runs (868). Tragically and prematurely disappeared in a traffic accident in 1958, he is one of the 50 best players in baseball history.