Dans La lettre d'Inès

Passing through the store at the end of the year, Inès de la Fressange honored us with a nice word in her weekly newsletter "La Lettre d'Inès", an info letter that enjoys a large audience as the former model turned stylist, fashion designer and successful businesswoman has always remained so influential in the fashion world to embody Parisian chic. Extract from letter 326 of January 20, 2022 (traduction of original in French):

It was quite by chance that I discovered this leather goods store while passing rue des Canettes in Paris: John Woodbrige & Sons Makers. This brand manufactures a lot of "old school" sporting goods, such as footballs in leather, boxing gloves & and punching bags… but what especially caught my attention were their bags made of a very nice natural smooth leather, brown, black or even red. The shapes are very simple as I like: saddlebags, very soft bags that slide, small pouches, but also cases for computers or glasses. And to my great surprise, I discovered a bag that was designed by my daughter-in-law, India d'Urso, and which is inspired by a bag that her father used a lot... it's crazy the chances of the life !

la lettre d'inès de la fressange

It was a real pleasure for us and we are delighted that Inès appreciates our collection of leather bags, and more particularly our "2-way Bag", a boutique bestseller. To subscribe to Inès' selections, it's here : www.lalettredines.fr