Timeless: the messenger bag

If the precise date of its appearance is not known to us, the bag called "wallet" has been used for hundreds of years by travelers and most of those who have had travel to do on foot, being able to carry food , knife or documents. Soft leather with an easy opening, its use is practical in that it marries the shape of the body, leaves the arms free and allows to walk practically without embarrassment.

Like the pilgrims, the military adopted it until the twentieth century, with the famous example of the "US bag" of the US Army, which students bought - and still buy - from the military surpluses of the Second World War. Also called "musette", it is also the type of bag used by the factors on foot or by bike until recently. Today, the messenger bag or "sac besace or musette" in French, has become a fashion accessory. A bag worn by women as well as men, always for its practical side in an urban environment as formerly in the countryside. It is worn on the shoulder to carry freely and quickly have at hand smartphone, wallet, glasses, keys, books or documents.

leather messenger bag

Lovers of leather items that have a history, John Woodbridge pays tribute to the messenger bag by repeating a classic model made of genuine cowhide leather and made by hand. Equipped with an adjustable strap from 58 cm to 70 cm, it closes with two neck collar buttons , has two inside leather pockets and a third zipped on the outside to be able to carry documents in A4 format . If it has not practically evolved for years, if it has resisted modernity and technical progress, it is that it is almost perfect. This is called a classic and timeless!