Old school boxing: The sparring helmet by John Woodbridge

With the punching bag, the speed bag and the vintage boxing gloves, John Woodbridge completes his old school boxing collection with the sparring helmet - or training helmet  -, in leather, designed and made from a classic model. from the time of the pioneers of modern professional boxing.

Any boxer who practices combat in competition needs a quality training partner, a good "sparring partner" to help him improve his art and prepare a fight according to a strategy adapted to his future opponent. To guarantee his physical integrity, so that he can take blows away from hard knocks and injuries, the sparring partner always wears a helmet during the combat preparation sessions.

boxing sparring leather helmet john woodbridgeJohn Woodbridge's boxing helmet is like those of the early 1900s in leather, with cotton lace tightening at the back. Fully padded with natural fibers, its protection zones are at the forehead to protect the front of the skull and the browbones, ears, chin to adorn the uppercuts, and cheekbones. Its brown patina made by hand recalls those of sports bags, gloves and punching bag from the JW sports range. We also personalized it with an old school boxing spirit signature on the front to further confirm its authentic character.

joe louis boxing sparringSparring session with Joe Louis at a 1944 boxing exhibition in London.