• sports and travel


    Sports is only about travel and meet.

  • Old school vintage leather boxing gloves


    Leather, cotton and horse hair padding.
    Authentic style!

  • Old school leather basketball


    Handmade, the classic leather
    basketball from the pioneers times.

  • Leather vintage punching bag


    Leather punching bag signed JW&S.
    Recreate the authentic atmosphere of the original fight clubs.

  • Ballons de football vintage


    Tiento, T-shape, Superball Duplo-T...
    Historic and iconic.

  • Made in Paris


    Satchels, messengers, travel bags, belts or wallets are made in Paris
    in the traditional JW&S workshop located in the East of French capital.
    Quality, know-how and authenticity.

  • Vintage rugby ball 1940s


    Vintage style, premiuml leather and handmade patina
    The "Woodbridge" savoir-faire.

Sports & Travels

  • John Woodbridge & Sons Makers is a French brand founded by an enthusiast of old sporting objects, travels and meetings. Inspired by the manufacturing methods and the "Woodbridge savoir-faire", in collaboration with the grandson of John Woodbridge, an English manufacturer of sporting goods from the 1930s to the 1950s, JW&S launched in 2004 its first vintage leather football and rugby reissues handcrafted respecting traditional techniques, before extending the line to other sports such as boxing, basketball or baseball. From this love for well-made things was born a range of bags with an elegant look and irreproachable quality, made in Paris according to a unique craftsmanship.

  • John Woodbridge reissues leather sports balls from old models that have been pioneered by modern sport. The footballs are inspired by the models of the first World Cups. Rugby, but also basketball, american football or handball are handcrafted to recreate the golden age of collective sports practiced in the early twentieth century. Retro styled boxing gloves and leather punching bag as boxing items are remaking the unique atmosphere of the old fighting rooms. Handmade objects in the respect of ancient know-how and inspired by the authentic noble art.

    JW&S guarantees the quality of a 100% Parisian manufacture with leather rigorously selected for its sports and travel bags, school bags in classic style and impeccable line and accessories of small leather goods. Manufactured in its artisan workshop, one of the last of the capital still in activity, they are the fruit of a unique know-how, products of the authentic leather craftsmanship.

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