Connoisseurs know!

Like a good cognac, a good punching bag is an accessory that ages well. And as a quality cognac is chosen on the basis of its age and the "crus" from which it comes, the material with which a boxing bag was made is the determining element of its value.

Thus a Napoleon, an Extra Old, an Extra or an Hors d'âge of Grande or Petite Champagne will always be better to the taste of connoisseurs than a Very Special or a Very Special Old Pale of Bons Bois or Bois Ordinaires. Likewise, a cowhide punching bag, handcrafted in a small workshop that has perpetuated its know-how for nearly a century, is on the one hand more resistant to wear over time compared to a model in synthetic material or "imitation leather", and aesthetically more pleasing to the discerning eye of the sporty gentleman on the other hand.

leather boxing punching bag cognac

From his original brown model, John Woodbridge made a cognac leather punching bag that will take on a patina with shiny reflections over time, like the golden color of a good cognac after years of aging in oak barrels. We hope to share with you our lifestyle and love for nice looking sports and decoration items, as we like to taste of good glass of cognac after a diner with family and friends during the end of year celebrations.

leather punching bag cognac in a loft