The 6 forgotten minutes of Argentina-France at the 1930 World Cup

The first Argentina-France in history was on July 15, 1930 in Montevideo on the occasion of the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay. A match won by Albiceleste who had an epic scenario because of a mistake by the Brazilian referee before the end of the match.

After a first match played against Mexico, and a first goal in the history of the World Cup by the tricolor player Lucien Laurent, the team of France faces one of the South American favorites of the tournament, an Argentinian selection that counts in its ranks Guillermo Stábile, striker of Club Atlético Huracán who will finish top scorer of the competition before joining Italy. While the players in the sky and white striped jersey are siege of the French camp during the whole meeting, Alex Thépot, the Breton porter of the Red Star is the big man of the game by chaining the parries until the 81st minute and a free kick midfielder Luis "Luisito" Monti who ends up in the net. Then foolish when Brazilian referee Gilberto de Almeida Rêgo whistles the end of the match shortly after the engagement while the French players try to equalize. The latter, furious, are forced to return to the locker room. Urugayan spectators rush into the field to protest against the game director who eventually recognize his mistake. It takes the intervention of the mounted police to evacuate the invaded terrain and the players are recalled to the grass of Estadio Gran Parque Central to the cheers of the public to play the remaining 6 minutes while some are already in the shower. 6 minutes that will not be enough for France to return to the score. Victory 1 goal to 0 from Argentina and triumph for Thépot who is worn as a hero by the audience. Mr De Almeida Rêgo will not be able to compete again in the World Cup but Argentina will fail in the final against the locals in a famous match and also special because of the use of 2 different balls during the 2 half-times of the World Cup final.

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