Raw material and pattern cutters

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Raw material and pattern cutters

A little history. Worked since the dawn of time by the hand of man, leather is booming in France in the eighteenth century when was founded in 1749 the "Royal Manufacture of Leather". Practical and aesthetic, the leather participates in a certain art of living and symbolizes comfort and prestige. It was at this time that luxury items developed strongly, such as trunks or wallets created by the masters-gainiers, until the advent in the mid-1800s of the term "leather goods" which means leather objects large or small. Under the impulse of the great luxury craft houses that are born and are constantly developing new products, improving the quality of tanning and design, the handbag made its appearance at the beginning of the 20th century and becomes an accessory essential feminine fashion.

John Woodbridge has its roots in those years of Belle Epoque Paris, using a know-how and a mastery handed down from generation to generation since 1920. In its Eiffel structure workshops, amid the rolls of full-grain cowhide leather and steel pieces, are hand-made the famous bags as satchelsbriefcases and messengers stamped "JW & S". A crowned signature that devotes time to the development of the art of leather work in Paris.

Leatherwork Paris

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