Industrial Boxing

Industrial Boxing, a production by Max Freyss Production starring Savate French Boxing World Champion Juliette Wolff and the John Woodbridge...


Travels and meetings

The Japanese artist known for being the author of the independent manga Ryuko chose a John Woodbridge Makers briefcase to carry his drawings.


La Montgolfière Social Sports Club

John Woodbridge supplies La Montgolfière in Paris with his punching bags and medicine balls, a 2000 m² gym that functions as a social club in...


Raw material and pattern cutters

Using a unique know-how, born of 100 years of mastery of leather goods in Paris, John Woodbridge celebrates the time of the growth of leather...


Steve McQueen to the punching bag

Icon of the 1960s and '70s, Steve McQueen practices boxing at the punching bag to train between shots and maintain his fitness at the...


Joe Louis, The « Brown Bomber »

Through his famous political fights against Primo Carnera and Max Schmeling in the 1930s and his world heavyweight title, Joe Louis has become...