Vintage Leather Punching Bag 1920

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The John Woodbridge signature punching bag. Inspired by a 1920’s model, our 90cm punching bag is handcrafted in a robust full grain leather and hand-polished for a vintage finish. Used by independent professional gyms around the world, it is also perfect for a handsome home gym.

  • Full grain leather
  • Stainless steel chains and fasteners included
  • Leather laces at opening/closure
  • Height 90cm / 35.4in, diameter 33.5cm / 13.2in
  • Handmade with care, and strong enough for actual training
  • Delivered empty. See below for tips on filling your bag
Color : Cognac

The John Woodbridge 1920’s vintage leather punching bag is a must from our collection. A treat for boxing enthusiasts, this heavy bag is strong enough to withstand training and handsome enough to be a decorative object. We make it by hand with carefully selected full grain leather, hand-polished to achieve our signature John Woodbridge vintage finish. This punching bag is used by independent gyms, luxury hotels, and interior decorators around the world.


This punching bag is delivered empty. We recommend filling it with textiles like old clothes or recycled scraps of cloth that you may find at your local paint stores. You’d be surprised how quickly the weight adds up! Once properly filled, this bag can weigh between 25-35 kg / 55-77 pounds. If you need a bit more weight, fill a bag with sand, wrap it in textiles and place it towards the bottom of the bag.


To care for your punching bag, nourish it with a cream for leather every few months to keep the hide from drying out. Leather loves to be nourished, and will last a long time with proper care.

vintage leather boxing bag
vintage leather boxing bag

1 Item

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