Le John Woodbridge Post

The authentic Allen 1938 under repair at the shop

Recently at the store, we had the pleasure of repairing an authentic Allen 1938 soccer ball, the official ball of the 1938 World Cup in...
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Didi, the prince in the shadow of the king

He is double world football champion in 1958 and 1962, and leader of the rebirth of the Brazilian selection after the drama of the Maracanazo....
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Loyal players: Melvin Ott, 511 home runs for the Giants

Melvin Ott isn't quite the greatest batsman of all time, but he's one of those baseball players apart because of his loyalty to the New York...
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Sport and style: the leather jumping rope

Designed in an old school spirit, the John Woodbridge Makers jumping rope combines sport and style, with wooden handles, a brass clamping ring...
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Connoisseurs know!

As the end of year approaches, John Woodbridge has declined his original model of brown punching bag in a cognac version. Like the famous...
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Boxing and cinema : The Joe Louis Story (1953)

Only a few years after his boxing exploits, legend Joe Louis was already on the American big screen in one of the very first sports biopics in...
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