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Boxing and cinema : Day of the Fight and Killer's Kiss by Kubrick

Passionate about boxing, director of cult films Stanley Kubrick produced in 1951 a first short movie that tells the day of a New York boxer...
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Football on Red Square

In the summer of 1936 an extraordinary football game was held in the Red Square in Moscow, in front of Stalin himself and all the nomenklatura...
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Boxing and cinema: Knockout Reilly

A 1927 drama starring Richard Dix in the role of the hero boxer, Knockout Reilly is the first classic of boxing movies that will become later...
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Japan, the archipelago where rugby has been played for more than 150 years

Landed from British ships in the port of Yokohama and then implanted by a former Japanese student from Cambridge, rugby has been practiced in...
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The basketball ball of pioneers

The eight-panel design of the basketball that has been in common use for more than a century is almost born of the creation of basketball....
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