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The English Game, Netflix's football history series

The English Game is a 6-episode Netflix mini-series by Julian Fellowes that dates back to the beginnings of football in England against the...
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The British Empire Games, an olympiad for the Union Jack

Following the model of the Summer Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games have been held every 4 years since 1930, originally the British Empire...
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Heenan-Sayers, illegal fight at the beginnings of the world boxing championship

It is a mythical fight of boxing with bare hands which was held April 17, 1860 in Farnborough in England. John Heenan against Tom Sayers, the...
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Old school boxing: The sparring helmet by John Woodbridge

The boxer who practices combat in competition requires a partnership with a "sparring partner" equipped with a helmet which makes it possible...
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Staging the best of yesterday's style to create the aesthetics of tomorrow. "Old school is the new school", the new slogan of John Woodbridge.
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Marcel Thil, the puncher with iron fists

Rarely cited among the greatests, Marcel Thil is nevertheless one of the best boxers of the interwar period. In friendship with Jean Gabin...
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