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France-Wales 1928, the day Les Bleus beat the 4 British nations

On April 9, 1928 in the last match of the 5 Nations Tournament, the XV of France beat Wales for the first time and made the old and famous...
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The 49 rounds of Joe Jeannette and Sam McVea

Two hours and three quarters for a technical KO that ends 49 rounds, the fight between Joe Jeannette and Sam McVey in Paris in 1909 is the...
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Sports in John Woodbridge's time : the Durand Cup

One of the oldest football tournaments in the world is played in India. Emanation of the British colonial Empire, the Durand Cup dates from...
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Dave Gallaher, soul of the All Blacks

Dave Gallaher is the great All Blacks captain, that of the Originals of the 1905 and 1906 Tour in Europe and North America. He left life in...
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John Woodbridge e Progresso: evolution of the Superball Duplo-T

A major development in the design of football at the time, John Woodbridge made progress in his Superball Duplo-T, a replica of the official...
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