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Vintage self-defense: The art of parade illustrated

How to defend oneself in case of impromptu attack on the street? This is what a sports magazine explained in 1906 with boxing techniques and...
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Soldiers' footballs and Poilu's Park, the origin of the rise of football in France

Football flourished in France during the First World War when it was introduced at the rear of the front to maintain the morale of the troops,...
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John Woodbridge in L'Équipe Christmas gifts selection

The famous French magazine L'Équipe chose a John Woodbridge product in its Christmas gifts selection published in the special supplement of...
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Jack Johnson, Black and Fire

First Black boxer to become world heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson is more than one of the best boxers of the early twentieth century, the...
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Sports in John Woodbridge's time: 10 rounds on USS New York

The sport in John Woodbridge's time is boxing fighting on warships or the merchant navy, on the rough seas of the Middle East, Asia or Central...
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You play bootball, we play football !

At the 1948 Olympic Games in London, the players of the Indian football team caused a sensation by playing for the most part without shoes...
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