What does the ideal gym bag look like ?

Large enough to carry boxing gloves, shoes and towel, but not too much to find a place in the locker room. A good gym bag is also about style...


John Woodbridge e Progresso: evolution of the Superball Duplo-T

A major development in the design of football at the time, John Woodbridge made progress in his Superball Duplo-T, a replica of the official...


Boxing and cinema : Day of the Fight and Killer's Kiss by Kubrick

Passionate about boxing, director of cult films Stanley Kubrick produced in 1951 a first short movie that tells the day of a New York boxer...


Football on Red Square

In the summer of 1936 an extraordinary football game was held in the Red Square in Moscow, in front of Stalin himself and all the nomenklatura...


Boxing and cinema: Knockout Reilly

A 1927 drama starring Richard Dix in the role of the hero boxer, Knockout Reilly is the first classic of boxing movies that will become later...


The travel by John W.

Central theme of the woodbridgian philosophy, travel is more than a lifestyle, a quest for beauty and an essential movement towards fulfillment.